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The OncKIP Podcast

In this bi-weekly podcast, leading experts discuss game-changing topics in clinical oncology, to help you to keep your practice up to date. Each 15-minute episode begins with a summary of recently published literature, followed by an interview with an expert in the field on how this can apply to clinical practice.

Listen here or find the podcast in all major apps.

Available series

CME Credits: 0.5

Personalized Medicines in Thyroid Cancer: A Podcast Series

In this series, we’re considering best practice when using personalized medicine to treat cancers of the thyroid gland.


The Heamatology Treatment Landscape: A Podcast Series

In this series we’re focusing on the ever-changing treatment landscape for cancers of the haematological system.


The latest in immunotherapy: A Podcast Series

In this first series we take a look at a relatively new class of drugs that are proving to be promising options for some cancer patients, the immune checkpoint inhibitors.